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Welcome, here you will find mostly vegetarian traditional Indian recipes which most Indian homes use. You can follow our easy steps to create these recipes in your home as well. Discover the tasty ways to use so many different vegetables and spices which are offered in the Indian cuisine.

To begin with have a look at the following picks.

Kalley Chaney Masala
Spice Brown Chick Pea

Moong Dal Halva
Dense, sweet dessert made from moong bean paste

Arbi Fry
Fried Colocasia Roots with spices

Sattu Parantha
Pan baked Indian bread stuffed with roasted black garbanzo bean flour and spices

Mushroom Matar Patta Gobhi
Mushrooms, Green Peas and Cabbage in this tasty spicy dish

Moong Dhuli
Yellow Split Moong Bean dish


Also visit our Ingredients section to find out more about the benefits and properties of the various spices.

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