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This comes in the shape of a nail. Cloves are dried in open flowers. Clove is considered as a aromatic and warm spice. It is used in curries, deserts, and pilafs. It is used in Tea masala and Garam Masala. It is used in dental emergencies , in case of toothache if you chew it with tooth that is hurting will get relief in minutes. Clove oil dipped in ear bud can be rubbed in the cavity will relieve the tooth that hurts. It helps in cold when taken in tea. Pregnant woman should avoid too much intake of cloves. People with gastric ulcers ,colitis and irritable bowel syndrome should also avoid too much intake of cloves.







    Nutritional Information:

    Element Percentage
    Essential Oil80
    Methyl Salicylate 
    Gallotannin Acid 

    Loong, Warming Spice, Toothache relieve spice, Indian Spice, Gewuzenelke, clou de girofle, chiodo di garofano, laung, lavungam, ley-nyin-bwint, ding heung




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