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Fenugreek can be used in seeds as well as leaf form. It is mainly used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. Fenugreek seeds can be dried and stored. it gives aroma and taste to the dish to which it is added. The greens can be used to make Allo bhaji, can be added in making of sarsoun saag. The seeds can be used as whole or in powdered form in vegetables and curries. My mom use it in Punjabi kaddi, pahari kaddi ( Mahni) and saag. Laddos made with dry Methi seeds which are consider good in winter for knee pains and flatulence. Methi seeds are also consider good in diabetic. Soak one table spoon of Methi in one glass of water strain it and drink in the morning empty stomach. Do not throw the seeds away seeds can be used in Methi chutney. Fenugreek is in the same family with chick pea and peanuts. and may cause allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.








      Nutritional Information:

      Element Percentage
      polysaccharide galactomannan 

      Indian Spice, fenugrec Sénegré, trigonelle, Bockshornklee, Griechisches Heu, fieno greco, alholva, fenogreco, venthium, alba, uluhaal




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